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Pennsylvania Community-Clinical Integration Initiative (PA CCI) is designed by the Health Promotion Council (HPC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health through a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). PA CCI is a statewide project whose goal is to improve capacity building and infrastructure to support those with or at risk for diabetes and its related chronic diseases and risk factors.  There are many aspects to the initiative including gathering stakeholder groups to address referral and reimbursement improvements, developing pilot programs to increase communication between health systems and community-based providers, and providing direct assistance and scholarships to diabetes education programs seeking to become accredited by the AADE or recognized by the ADA.


This site serves as the main platform for the delivery of our technical assistance to Diabetes Self-Management Education programs.  Those who register for the site have access to continuing education webinars, an interactive blog, and a library of resources developed to help programs find specific information in one holistic venue.